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Alistair McGowan reads The Ballad of Stooky Bill

The Ballad of Stooky Bill is the story of television over 100 years as seen through the eyes of a ventriliquist's dummy - the Stooky Bill of the title - who was the first 'face' to be broadcast on TV by John Logie Baird. It airs on Radio 4 on February 28th at 4.30pm and is repeated on March 6th at 11.30pm

Craig Fairbrass in Muscle

Craig plays foul-mouthed weightlifter Terry. Set in a grimy Newcastle gym, Terry preys on beta male Simon on the pretext of turning him into a 'real man'. The Times says 'Fairbrass steals the show, with terrifying, unblinking charisma in every scene.' On general release.

Border Patrol:Europe

Mark lends his dulcets to a new series of Border Control:Europe. The series follows the work of the Security and Customs Services, operating at the borders of European countries and under constant threat from drugs, weapons, and suspected terrorists. Mondays at 9pm on Quest and repeated on Saturdays at 5pm

New Voice Alert!!

We are delighted to now represent Georgia Lowe. Georgia plays Milly in 'The Alienist', on Netflix from 22nd October. Georgia, aka Glowe, is also a singer/songwriter.

Welcome back Morgana!

We're delighted to welcome back Morgana Robinson to the Hobsons roster. Morgana is best known for her sketch shows - The Morgana Show, Morgana Robinson's The Agency, and her appearances in House of Fools and Very Important People. Her range of impressions and versatility make her a great choice for all kinds of voice projects.

David Ajala in Star Trek:Discovery

David joins Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery as Cleveland Booker (or Book to his friends) whose devil may care attitude gets him into trouble as often as it gets him out. On Netflix starting in October

Hear Emma Wilson on Audible

Emma reads Undercover Robot: My First Year as a Human - a story about android Dotty who has to masquerade as a 12 year old schoolgirl at Brussells Academy. If she manages to pull it off, she'll win a multi-million-pound prize which will help her creators continue their research into AI.

New Voice Alert!!

We are delighted to announce we now represent Sharon Oji. Sharon's young, cool contemporary tones are ready to enhance your projects!

British Podcast Awards 2020

Congratulations to David Walliams for winning 'Best Family Podcast' at The British Podcast Awards 2020 ! Judges said: "This ambitious podcast made clever use of comedy, sound and music, to encourage children to jump the hurdles that stop them enjoying classical music. A fun listen for adults too." Gyles Brandreth also won in the 'Best Entertainment' category for his etymology based podcast, 'Something Rhymes With Purple'. Congrats Gyles!

Johny Pitts wins Jhalak prize

Johny Pitts has been awarded the Jhalak prize for his debut book Afropean, which explores the lives and communities of black Europeans. Over 150 books were submitted and Afropean was unanimously named winner by the judges. The Jhalak prize was established in 2016 to award the best book by a British or British-resident black, Asian and minority ethnic author. Congratulations Johny!

David Walliams' podcast now out on Classic fm

Did you know that Mozart loved fart jokes? And that Beethoven was so scruffy he was arrested? Classical composers are not quite what you'd expect! Join David as he goes on a marvellous musical journey of discovery; a great way to introduce your child to the world of classical music. A new episode each day from 4th February