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The Book of Grace

Grace lives with her husband Vet (Peter de Jersey) a patrol officer on the Texas-Mexico border. When Vet is awarded a medal for his service, Grace invites his estranged son Buddy to join them at the ceremony. But Buddy arrives armed with resentment, an agenda and (several) hand grenades. Can Grace heal the rift, and contain the threat? Arcola 16th May - 8th June

The Punch

Teenager Jacob lives in The Meadows, Nottingham. Like his mates, he spends his Saturday nights drinking in the city, looking for a bit of trouble. One adrenaline-fuelled night in Old Market Square, he throws a single punch at a stranger " with fatal consequences. Released from prison, Jacob is lost and adrift. Searching for answers, Joan and David (played by Tony Hirst) the parents of his victim James, ask to meet. An unlikely connection is made and Jacob's life begins to turn around. World premiere at Nottingham Playhouse. 4th - 25th May

The Responder

Martin is back as Chris Carson, playing a morally compromised and unconventional urgent response officer on the night shift in Liverpool. Following the death of a key character at the end of the first series, consequences will come raining down on Chris and everyone in his life. BBC One from 5th May

Adam wins!!

Congratulations to Adam on winning Best Voice Performance for an Animated Series at the Entertainment Globalisation Associations Hermes Awards!! Adam plays Zero and a variety of other characters in Netflix's This World Can't Tear Me Down.

Dan Nicholson in Breeding

Dan plays Zeb, partner to Eion, in this play about a gay couple navigating the complicated road to adopting and life as gay parents. Beth has to decide if they are even 'appropriate' daddies at all. Kings Head Theatre until April 14th

Steven Pacey in 'The Worlds of Blake's 7: Tarrant'

In 'The Worlds of Blake's 7: Tarrant', Steven Pacey returns to the role he first played from 1980 to 1981 in the original Blake's 7 TV series. The three full-cast stories focus on the fearless Del Tarrant across various stages of his life, from his early days as a Federation pilot to his time as a member of the Liberator crew. 'Soldier, Federation Space Commander, smuggler, freedom fighter. Del Tarrant has challenged convention throughout his many careers in a hostile galaxy. These are the stories of his choices and challenges, his friends and family and foes, on an unpredictable journey to the Liberator and beyond.' 'The Worlds of Blake's 7: Tarrant' due for release in June 2024 from Big Finish Productions.

Helen Atkinson Wood in The Archers and at The Ink Festival

Fresh from the Ambridge countryside playing Lord Mayor of Felpersham, Helen is gearing up for this year's Ink Festival now in its 10th year where you can hear her talk along with a host of other guests. Helen's Archers episode is on Radio 4 April 17th and the Ink Festival 11th - 14th April

Oliver Johnstone in The Duchess of Malfi

Oliver is Ferdinand, Duke of Calabria. Twin brother to the Duchess, Ferdinand is prone to violent outbursts and after hiring Bosola to kill his sister, he gradually loses his mind believing he is a wolf and digs up graves. At Sam Wanamaker Playhouse until 14th April

Arian in Passenger

Arian plays villager Nish Chowdry in darkly comic thriller Passenger. Set in the northern town of Chadder Vale where a local girl has disappeared only to reappear the following day. As a series of strange and inexplicable crimes start to unfold, former Met detective Riya Ajunwa has to convince the locals that all is not as it seems. starts March 24th 9pm ITV1.

Congratulations to Dave Spud!

The Rubbish World of Dave Spud has won Best Children's Series at the British Animation Awards. Congratulations to all involved including our fab Johnny Vegas who plays Dave.

Stefan Asante Boateng in Samuel Takes a Break...

Stefan plays Trev in Samuel Takes a Break in Male Dungeon No. 5 After a Long but Generally Successful Day of Tours is a new play that takes a sharply funny look at colonialism. Set in Cape Coast Castle, Ghana. Samuel is our tour guide and today is his birthday... at The Yard Theatre until 23rd March

Elizabeth talks about her book 'Why Britain Rocked'

Elizabeth will be in conversation with Dr Richard Mills about the influence of London-Irish musicians on the UK music scene, based on her best-selling book 'Why Britain Rocked: How Rock became Roll and Took Over The World'. For one night only. 22nd February 7.30pm