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Clinton Baptiste on Chris Moyles' Breakfast Show

Clinton fans tune in to Chris Moyles' breakfast show tomorrow morning to hear Chris interviewing the legendary psychic... Radio X Tuesday 16th April

Peter McDonald in Chekhov's Three Sisters

Peter plays Alexander Ignatevich Vershinin, Lieutenant Colonel in the army, who despite being married, falls in love and has an affair with Masha, the middle of the three sisters. However, their affair has to end when the battery is transferred. At The Almeida until 1st June

Clinton Baptiste's Paranormal Podcast

We're delighted to announce the second coming of psychic to the stars, the one and only, CLINTON BAPTISTE! Yes, it's true, series 2 of the critically acclaimed podcast hits the airwaves today. Starring Alex Lowe and a host of talented comedians, recorded entirely in our studio and produced by our fantastic engineer, Jonathan. "Clinton Baptiste's Paranormal Podcast" can be found on Global Player.

The Good Fight Series 3

Cush is back as Lucca Quinn in Series 3 of the legal and political drama, The Good Fight. Thursdays at 9pm on More 4

James Thornton is back on the farm

James lends his dulcets to a new series of This Farming Life. Wednesdays BBC 2 8pm

David Walliams' podcast now out on Classic fm

Did you know that Mozart loved fart jokes? And that Beethoven was so scruffy he was arrested? Classical composers are not quite what you'd expect! Join David as he goes on a marvellous musical journey of discovery; a great way to introduce your child to the world of classical music. A new episode each day from 4th February

David Ajala in Nightflyers

David plays Roy Eris, crew member on the most advanced spaceship in the galaxy, The Nightflyer, on the trail of a mysterious alien craft. 10 part series on Netflix from February 1st

Kevin Bishop is doing Porridge!

Kevin is back on our screens playing Nigel Norman 'Fletch' Fletcher, grandson of Norman Stanley Fletcher, banged up for cyber crimes. BBC1 2pm from Sunday 20th January

Anita Rani goes back in time...

Anita presents a new series about the Arts and Crafts movement - The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts. The four part series looks at the works of Arts and Crafts visionaries, William Morris, William Ruskin and Gertrude Jekyll. from January 11th, 9pm BBC2

Craig Fairbrass kicks in the latest Battlefield

Craig is Mason, Second World War soldier in Battlefield 5. On general release now (best put it on your Christmas list)

Ben Lamb is A Christmas Prince

Ben is Prince Richard of Aldovia, soon to be King. A young journalist is sent to cover the press conference and what do you know - she not only gets her scoop but she gets her man! Out now on Netflix

David Ajala is a super baddie

David is on our screens this autumn in the new series of Supergirl. He plays Manchester Black whose superpowers are telekenetics and telepathy. Watch out Supergirl!! On Sky One, Mondays at 8pm