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Stefan Asante Boateng in Samuel Takes a Break...

Stefan plays Trev in Samuel Takes a Break in Male Dungeon No. 5 After a Long but Generally Successful Day of Tours is a new play that takes a sharply funny look at colonialism. Set in Cape Coast Castle, Ghana. Samuel is our tour guide and today is his birthday... at The Yard Theatre until 23rd March

Entertainment Globalisation Associations Hermes Award

Congratulations to Adam for his nomination for Best Voice Performance for an Animated Feature at the Entertainment Globalisation Associations Hermes Award. Adam plays Zero and a variety of other characters in Netflix's This World Can't Tear Me Down. We're keeping them crossed for you Adam!

Elizabeth talks about her book 'Why Britain Rocked'

Elizabeth will be in conversation with Dr Richard Mills about the influence of London-Irish musicians on the UK music scene, based on her best-selling book 'Why Britain Rocked: How Rock became Roll and Took Over The World'. For one night only. 22nd February 7.30pm

Bentley Kalu in Halo 2

Bentley reprises his role as Vannuk-134 in this second series of Halo. Vannak-134 is a cybernetically-augmented super soldier, conscripted at childhood, who serves as the de facto deputy to the Master Chief. Starts February 8th on Paramount.

Sam Swann is Roderigo

Sam plays Roderigo in Shakespeare's Othello. A wealthy Venetian, he is manipulated into funding Iago's machinations, believing that Iago will aid him in courting Othello's wife Desdemona. Iago later recruits Roderigo in hopes of assassinating Othello's former lieutenant Michael Cassio, but when the attempt fails, he is murdered by Iago in retaliation. At Sam Wanamaker Playhouse from 26th January

The Boys in the Boat

Glenn plays coach Ky Ebright in this true story about a team of working class students in the University of Washington's rowing team, striving to compete in the 1936 Olympics. On general release from January 12th

Charlie Creed-Miles in Criminal Record

Charlie plays Detective Sergeant Tony Gilfoyle, one of DCI Hegarty's former colleagues in Criminal Record. Gilfoyle was a police officer who worked with Hegarty on the investigation into Adelaide Burrowes's murder that led to Errol Mathis's arrest, who DS June Lenker (Cush Jumbo) believes is innocent.

Kosha Engler in Alexander: The Making of a God

Kosha plays Olympias in this new series which reveals the extraordinary life of Alexander the Great, through his radical transformation from warrior prince to living god. Starting 31st January on Netflix.

Cush Jumbo in Criminal Record

Cush is back on our TV screens, this time she plays DC June Lenker in Apple TV+ new drama - Criminal Record. Lenker's adversary, old-school detective DCI Daniel Hegarty and Lenker clash when it emerges that Hegarty was the investigating officer in a case where the accused is, possibly wrongly, serving a sentence for the murder. On Apple TV+

Amy Nuttall in Mr Bates vs The Post Office

Amy plays Lisa, wife of sub-postmaster Lee Castleton. Lee went bankrupt after the Post Office took him to court for losses. Lee found shortfalls of £25,000 due to the faulty accounting system Horizon. Now streaming on ITVX

Moonkarta podcast

When evil forces arrive off the ancient shores of Moonkarta, the balance of everything is threatened. Can Splott and his friends protect the Tree of All Seeds and the magical Forbidden Forest, with its precious stone circles? Join them on an epic tale, of good against evil, and of courage and friendship, that takes our gang on a voyage across seas and deserts, and to ancient lands, where astronomers watch the skies and where magic and legends rule. As an impersonator, Terry has hundreds of voices under his belt. In fact, Terry voices all of the dozens of characters that we meet in Moonkarta. Listen to Series 1 at

Blood Actually (a Murder They Hope special)

Terry (Johnny Vegas) and Gemma are off to a little village for Christmas and there is a Santa competition while they are there. Things take a turn for the worse when the competitors start getting bumped off . Question is, can Terry solve the murders and get Christmas lunch ready on time? Saturday 16th December 9pm on Gold