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Steve Lee narrates Life Swap Adventures

Steve lends his dulcets to Life Swap Adventures which each week sees two people from opposite sides of the planet swap their lives. BBC Two Wednesdays at 1.15 pm and repeated on Sundays at 8pm. Also on iPlayer

Lewis Macleod returns in Dead Ringers

Dead Ringers is back for Series 18! Tune in on Fridays for Lewis' many impressions. 6.30pm Radio 4

Hobsons Voices in Jamestown

Sky 1's new series Jamestown starts Friday 5th May. Jason Flemyng and Dean Lennox Kelly star. Jason plays Sir George Yeardley; planter and Governor of Virginia. Dean is Meredith Rudder; the drunken owner of the local tavern. For the last 12 years the town has been home to only men. Then some women arrive... Sky 1 Fridays at 9pm

Charlotte Riley plays Kate Middleton

Charlotte is Kate Middleton in Charles III, a future history drama based on the award winning play. BBC2 Wednesday 10th May, 9pm

Craig Fairbrass in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Craig's back as the voice of Ghost in the next instalment in the Call of Duty franchise. Ghost is a tough talking soldier who narrates all the action. Special Forces pack has just been released

Gravy For the Brain

Hobsons recently teamed up with Gravy For The Brain who held a competition to find a new voice artist, the prize being a year's representation with us. We're delighted to announce that the winner is Ally Murphy.

Tom Oldham is here!

We're delighted to announce that we now represent Tom Oldham.

Charlie Creed-Miles in 100 Streets

100 Streets follows three interwoven stories as they play out in modern day London. Charlie plays cab driver George. He and his wife dream of having kids but a devastating road accident puts their hopes on hold. On iTunes and now on general release in USA

Teresa Gallagher is Go!

Well actually, Thunderbirds are, but Teresa can be heard as the voice of the camera, Eos! ITV, Saturdays 3.30pm